Length: 6 min 30 sec

“His paintings reflect his personality, gregarious and exuberant, full of a passion for life, yet also capable of subtlety and gentleness.  Harry comes to art as a precious and sacred calling that leaves those of us with a more practical nature a little astonished” – Beth Pewther

“If de Kooning had been a happier man he would have painted like Harry Cohen.” – S.H.


  1. Peggy Rosen


    This is beautifully photographed and I think I’m in love with Harry.

  2. Beautiful piece. I think this video really complements Harry’s work.

  3. George Gruel

    You did it. Harry on Harry. Fabulous. Thank you.
    Come ART MIX in Mendocino opening August 13th. Harry and other artists friends will be putting on, our third year in a row, ART MIX. Lots of art and merriment.

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