“Sun of the Andes of the Aymaras and the Quechuas,

Rain from heaven, flight of condors,

When I see you again my hair will be like the Antisana

Taita Inti, Pachamama, I am your son,

On my knees I implore you for my happiness.

Where are you my brothers, glory of the earth,

Mayas and Incas, those who are no more?”



  1. Kristi Chambers

    Pachamama is beautiful Richard. It should be recommended viewing for anyone feeling stressed out, or, out of touch with nature. Lovely work!

  2. Very beautiful and sensitive work from Richard… as always. Have to watch this over and over again.

  3. It is that which flows
    the blood of ages
    jet winds sweep
    down from the north
    ancient walk
    land bridge crossing
    feathered stones
    rolling further
    and further
    to the other tip
    of the world
    southern shores
    cradled in the dream
    down the spine of this world
    first nations seed
    trail of ghosts
    trampled under hoofs
    superior technology
    unknowing spirit
    the breath of the nations survive
    heart by heart
    buried mestizo treasure
    underground rivers
    flow through the spine of the earth
    ©2013 Frederick Douglass Perry, All Rights reserved
    USED BY Permission

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