Resonance Jazz Ensemble

Length: 1 min 45 sec
	Steve McQuarry  	Piano/Leader/Composer/Arranger,
	Michele Walther	        Violin,
	Michelle Mastin	        Viola,
	Nancy Bien	        Cello,
	Ted Burik	        Double-Bass,
	Georgianna Krieger	Soprano,Alto/Baritone Sax,
	Laura Wiley	        Flute, Alto Flute/Piccolo/Vocal,
	Greg German	        Drums/Percussion,

	Film Crew:
	Allison Bliss	Creative Director,
	Richard Jett	Camera/Editor,
	Carlos Grana    Second Camera,
        Special Thanks  Jimmy Pederson - "Avonova",


  1. making a simple PR clip into art – nicely done, Richard!

  2. Whoa! Really nicely done, Richard! That shot of the piano keys with the focal change is brilliant.

  3. Jay Patterson, CAS

    Richard, Allison, Nicely Done!

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