Social Media Marketing & Production Costs

Marketing with Video

  • The Internet is becoming the biggest area for them to reach an audience. The near universal adoption of smart phones as well as better and faster connectivity to the web means that video has become the way to advertise to potential consumers on the Internet.
  • Digital Video has become a common medium that easily gets your point across and is easily understood.
  • Online marketing videos can help you to build your brand and reach potential customers far beyond the your area.
  • All sorts of businesses use social media marketing to promote their products, services and brands.
  • Video social media offers an affordable way to boost brand awareness and keep customers informed.
  • Your video can dovetail with your marketing strategy for your website, mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms

I have been shooting video and telling stories for clients including Levi Strauss, Ubiquity, Yahoo! and Wells Fargo for over 20 years. My objective is to take my years of professional work experience and offer it at a budget that small or medium business or organizations can afford.

Production Costs – How it works 

1) PRE-PRODUCTION – An initial phone conference to ask you key questions about your video and to help formulate a creative treatment or script.

The key questions addressed during the initial phone conference:

  • What is the purpose of the video
  • What’s the topic of the video? (marketing, how-to, video update)
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How’s the video to be distributed (YouTube,Facebook, Website)
  • What would be the approximate length of the video?
  • What is the deadline for completion?

Cost: Script writing = $45/hr.

2) PRODUCTION (SHOOT DAY) – A day of video production at your Bay Area location including interviews and B-Roll (Shots of the location)

Cost: Production is billed as a 5 hr. minimum from arrival time to the departure $450 *This includes shooting time and rental of video camera and audio package. Any time past that will be billed at $90/hr.

3) POST-PRODUCTION (EDITING) – Includes adding logos and typography, color correction, and audio mix.  Client must provide logos and related graphics. Any original graphic work will be subcontracted out at local rates. Your video will be uploaded, and password protected for you to review privately online.

Cost: Editing = $75/hr.

4) DELIVERY – Final video is delivered in MPEG-4 format compatible with websites, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites as well as all devices from TV’s to tablets and smartphones.

Cost: Variables

  • $45/hr. for meetings and location scouting.
  • Travel outside 25mi radius of Eureka is billed at $45 per hour..