Non Profit

The Nature Conservancy, California. I worked with TNC California staff for over a year to design and organize hundreds of nature photos, maps, graphics and feedback forms to construct its first-ever web presence.

“Solo from the Pole” Working with National Geographic and the Shaklee Corporation, I produced the interactive, “Solo from the Pole” web site, featuring an arctic exploration of the North Pole by Will Steger.  Pictures, sounds, and words were exchanged regularly between the explorer and web visitors, who followed and became part of the event.

The Leakey Foundation.  To mark the centennial of Louis Leakey’s birth, I was asked to document the legacy of famed anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey through video interviews with colleagues and collaborators. The project provided insight into central issues that foster breakthrough moments in paleoanthropological research.

TEDxMarin. I was the video producer for this multi camera event. TEDTalks is a combination of video and live speakers brought together to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

TEDxMarin – Olivia Ma is YouTube’s News Manager. She develops news-related products and programming initiatives and works closely with both news organizations and citizen reporters using the site to share news video from around the world.

Pachamama – Sun of the Andes of the Aymaras and the Quechuas, Rain from heaven, flight of condors,
When I see you again my hair will be like the Antisana. Taita Inti, Pachamama, I am your son,
On my knees I implore you for my happiness. Where are you my brothers, glory of the earth,
Mayas and Incas, those who are no more?

Jazz in the Neighborhood – The Bay Area is home to many incredible jazz musicians who’ve devoted their lives to developing their craft and attaining the highest artistic levels. These performers have so much to offer to aspiring players and to audiences. Jazz in the Neighborhood is a step in the right direction to create an environment where these accomplished professionals can nurture a great American art form with dignity and respect.

International Anti Pouching Foundation