Storytelling – Artists Videos

Everyone—a company, service, or artist—has a story.
When you tell a story, you’re creating a memory.


Manuel Palos

Manuel Palos is a San Francisco sculptor born and raised in Mexico and son of a shoemaker. In this video he tells his story that while a child in Mexico he made clay figures to sell on the street. He shows us how he learned to “talk” to his creations and “listen” to each of them. His skilled hands have brought to life hundreds of pieces of clay and marble. Manuel Palos has made himself into an acclaimed artist. He has completed works for the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts and well-known clients such as Nicolas Cage. And he wants to do more!

June Yokell

June Yokell

“I had the great pleasure of working with Richard this past summer when he made a video about my artwork and me. Richard made everything easy and his editing skills were perfect. I found Richard finely attuned to the work itself, to how I expressed myself and what the important factors were in making a great video. He even noticed the music I was playing and took off from there for the background music for my video. I have had great success in using my video to promote my work online and as a means of providing information to galleries. I would recommend Richard to anyone”

Helen Steele

Helen Steele

“”My compositions are never preconceived, yet my themes are recurrent: The use of the figure as the means of investigating various psychological states: harmony, serenity, anxiety, isolation….
I work in multiple layers with buried images and words. Paint is wiped off and layers are peeled yielding the emerging image.
Symbolic markings, personal imagery, shapes and words appear, questions arise. As I work and rework my canvas the image appears sometimes only to elude me then to reassert itself much later.”


Jenny Hunter Groat

“what is it that you fear? some artists say they fear the blank canvas, others say they fear other things., although i am never now afraid of the blank canvas, i have often, in my lifetime, feared something. most often it has been fear of starting something new. in fact, i can say that i’ve been afraid of everything i’ve ever begun, but i went ahead and did it anyhow”.”


Harry Cohen

“His paintings reflect his personality,…gregarious and exuberant, full of a passion for life, yet also capable of subtlety and gentleness.  Harry comes to art as a precious and sacred calling that leaves those of us with a more practical nature a little astonished” – Beth Pewther

Marco Martinez
“The visual fantasy of Marco Martinez (Canar 1953) basks in the Edenic forest in subtropical Ecuador, which emanates some magic and mystery. The artist penetrates devoutly in nature, trying to interpret their secrets through the countless shades of color and the effects of light on plant skin. The vibrant range of truths that fills the surface of his works, forms a harmonically structured orchestration, on which stand the intense reds and yellows. A movement luminosity envelope fuses with the foliage and the beings that inhabit it.

His watercolors, pen and enriched with tempera, are in each case, the rational solution, technically refined, the problem posed by plastic artist. Marco Martinez developed his painting as a picture diary, which documents their emotions toward nature. Let take shapes space and act freely is transfiguren, in a kind of magical choreography plant.”
Dr. Ines M. Flores.