Marco Martínez – “Artist of Nature”

“The visual fantasy of Marco Martinez (Canar 1953) basks in the Edenic forest in subtropical Ecuador, which emanates some magic and mystery. The artist penetrates devoutly in nature, trying to interpret their secrets through the countless shades of color and the effects of light on plant skin. The vibrant range of truths that fills the surface of his works, forms a harmonically structured orchestration, on which stand the intense reds and yellows. A movement luminosity envelope fuses with the foliage and the beings that inhabit it.

His watercolors, pen and enriched with tempera, are in each case, the rational solution, technically refined, the problem posed by plastic artist. Marco Martinez developed his painting as a picture diary, which documents their emotions toward nature. Let take shapes space and act freely is transfiguren, in a kind of magical choreography plant.”
Dr. Ines M. Flores.

See more of Marco Martinez’s work at his web site


  1. Ricardo,

    I love these portraits of an artist. They are simultanously insightful, sweet, poignant and inspiring. Basically, they are a gift to the rest of us.

  2. Gorgeous art and video!

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